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The Village of Irvington is currently running a Clean Energy Community Clean campaign to encourage the adoption of clean heating and cooling technologies (e.g., ground- and air- source heat pump systems and heat pump water heaters) to retrofit homes, businesses, and community institutions. With 10 installations (dating after 6/1/23), the Village will receive $10,000! Direct questions and report installs to

Wondering where to Start? See this one page overview of incentives created by GPTF Volunteers. 

Home Energy Incentives Master List.docx

Assess your home

Find instructions for you and your children to determine your home's emissions 

Do you think your house or cars emit more CO2?
Do you think your house emits more CO2 in summer (from cooling) or winter(from heating)?
Do you think the trees on your property absorb more CO2 or your house emits more CO2? (write down which you think is greater)
4. Which tree on your property absorbs the most CO2?

Find guidance created by resident Warwick Norton, here.  Questions? Email warwick norton <>

Upgrade your home

Learn about Incentives for Home Upgrades

Learn about decarbonizing your home heating and cooling. Plan for the future to avoid a missed opportunity for heat pumps in your home. Find out more about state, utility and Inflation Reduction Act incentives for the weatherization and electrification. Speakers include Sustainable Westchester’s EnergySmart Homes Installer Partners and Con Ed utility representative.

Energy smart homes use technology that reduces emissions and saves you money. You can request an energy efficiency audit, learn how to better insulate your home and install clean heating and cooling technologies (e.g., ground- and air-source heat pump systems). Right now, there are many rebates and discounts available that make the transition more economical than ever before. Our EnergySmart Homes campaign will help you uncover cleaner ways to heat and cool your home, and access vetted energy efficiency experts and simplified financing. 

Watch a Hastings on Hudson's Green Building Strategies: Passive House Design & Energy Smart Solutions for Your Home webinar here.

In 2021, the Villages of Irvington, Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow partnered with Sustainable Westchester to bring EnergySmart Homes Rivertowns to our community. With rebates and incentives available from NYSERDA and your utility, you have the opportunity to significantly reduce your home energy consumption, lower your energy bills, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and increase the year-round comfort and value of your home.

See a webinar from 2021 for the first round of this campaign

Installer Partners

Our EnergySmart Homes installer partners were chosen after an extensive and competitive selection process, which you can read about in our Installer Partner List below. All are accredited and in good standing with both NYSERDA and the New York State Clean Heat Program. The contractors bring extensive expertise, outstanding reputations, high quality of work, and a strong customer service experience.

How to use the Installer Partners Guide:

First select your community and then filter to narrow your search by your municipal campaign’s selected installers. Further narrow the list to search for a specific technology.

For questions or assistance on finding the contractor that’s right for you call (914) 242-4725 ext 122 or email

Scroll down for the Installer Partner Guide.

Healthy Home™ Energy and Consulting is the leading health and energy efficiency contractor for homeowners. Using the latest technology available, in tandem with our home performance knowledge, we offer non-invasive, strategic improvements to make your home healthier, more comfortable, and energy efficient. 

Change Your Lightbulbs

Perhaps the simplest and most profound thing you can do for the environment is to change your lightbulbs to LED.  Compared to incandescents, energy-efficient lightbulbs such as halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light emitting diodes (LEDs) typically use about 25%-80% less energy and last 3-25 times longer. Learn more at the US Department of Energy

For your garden, look for Dark compliant bulbs.