Land Stewardship

One of the biggest ways we can have an ecological impact, as Irvington residents, is in how we manage our landscapes and gardens. Common practices have adverse impacts on soil, water and wildlife, while contributing to CO2  emissions. Habitat loss is a challenge for virtually all species, as humans convert natural habitats to other land uses, disrupt the balance, and introduce chemicals and invasive species that kill or outcompete native species to the point of extinction. Sustainable practices, on the other hand, bolster a healthy biodiverse ecosystem, support food security and sustained livelihoods, mitigate the impacts of extreme weather and sequester carbon.

60% of our Sustainability Survey participants said they wanted to contribute to climate action with sustainable garden upgrades and maintenance. Here is how you can do that.

Download and print our overview of sustainable landscaping practices here

Read about conserving natural areas in your community for the Hudson Valley by the NY DEC here.

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