Construction & Demolition


Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste sent to landfill amounts to an average of 1.8 tons per person per year in the US, about twice the amount of Municipal Solid Waste generated per person in the same period! However, many materials generated by C&D can be recycled, repurposed or even sold.

The Village of Irvington supports sustainable demolition and building practices and this website provides a list of local resources as well as advice on how to minimize waste to landfill during your construction or renovation project.

Your project may comprise several phases, each with its own considerations for sustainable practices

Pre – Demolition

Note that your contractor will need to exercise some care in the removal of cabinets, flooring and doors so that they are in good enough condition to be reused.

General Donation or Resale Sites

Amazon Marketplace Site for donation or resale of general items

Facebook Marketplace Site for donation or resale of general items

Freecycle Site for donation of pretty much anything

Craigs List Site for donation or resale of general items


Several companies in the Westchester County area offer general recycling services for a wide variety of materials generated through demolition.  The table below is  representative, but not exhaustive.  Generally, these companies charge a small fee for collection. Some accept commingled waste materials as long as hazardous materials are not included. Note that scrap metal in particular can be quite valuable – copper can be sold for up to $5 per pound, brass for $2.50 a pound and aluminum for $1 per pound. Prior to using any of the companies below, it is best to call them to be sure that they still accept the materials of interest.

Construction & Demolition

Vinyl Siding may be recycled at

The Construction & Demolition Recycling Association has a searchable database for recycling facilities nationwide.


During the build phase, there may be large amounts of packaging from new windows, doors and appliances. These can be recycled as follows:

Sustainable Choices

A remodeling or home modernization project is a good time to consider the sustainability of the new features you will add to the building and perhaps to make changes to reduce carbon footprint.  With large Federal and State incentives to upgrade to high – efficiency heat pumps and to install solar panels, for example, these steps can be relatively inexpensive.  Each dwelling will be different, and this is not an exhaustive database, but below are some key points to consider if you wish to make sustainable choices for your remodel.

There is a growing community of Irvington residents who have, as far as possible, ‘decarbonized’ their homes.  For more information, contact John Cossins at jwcin58(at)