Climate Smart Community

Irvington received the New York State Bronze level Climate Smart Community Certification on March 4, 2021. We are currentlly working towards Silver status. 

"New York State's Climate Smart Communities program supports municipal efforts to meet the economic, social, and environmental challenges posed by climate change. The village of Irvington completed 17 actions to achieve bronze-level certification, including a flood mitigation plan covering all local waterbodies and an energy audit of the historic village hall building. Irvington, as part of the Sustainable Westchester consortium, also implemented a community choice aggregation program in 2016 to reduce energy costs and prioritize purchase of renewable power for its residents."  - NY DEC

Irvington is joining its neighboring Rivertown villages of Dobbs Ferry and Hastings-on-Hudson in this important endeavor. 277 Registered communities, impacting more than 8MM NYS residents have made a commitment to act by passing the CSC pledge. Certified communities are the foremost leaders in the state.

Find more detail at the CSC  webpage and factsheet.

The overall goal for this program is to:

Reduce GHG emissions
Save Taxpayers money
Build a more resilient & attractive place to live
Provide municipalities with a robust framework to guide their local climate action
Demonstrate and recognize leadership on climate action
Offer concrete actions that addresses increased awareness and concern about climate change from village residents
Address growing concern and activism of children in our village and beyond
Make Irvington better positioned for funding/grants- DEC & other NYS grants. DF received $300k grants aided by their CSC performance. $11 m available to certified communities

For more information on the program you can go to: or reach out to Village Administrator, Larry  Schopfer.

Irvington certified bronze: March 04, 2021 w/133 points earned from 17 completed actions. Certification expiration: September 30, 2026. 

PE1 Action: Pass Resolution Adopting the CSC Pledge - 4 Points

PE1 Action: CSC Task Force - 20 Points

PE1 Action: CSC Coordinator - 10 Points

PE1 Action: National/Regional Climate Program 3 Points

PE3 Action: Government Building Energy Audits 8 Points

PE3 Action: Interior Lighting Upgrades 5 Points

PE3 Action: Advanced Vehicles 2 Points

PE3 Action: LED Street Lights 10 Points (81.5% of all Village-owned street lights have been converted to LED).

PE3 Action: Outdoor Lighting Upgrades 3 Points 


PE5 Action: Recycling Program for Public Places & Events 3 Points

PE5 Action: Residential Organic Waste Program - 8 Points

PE6 Action: Comprehensive Plan with Sustainability Elements - 21 Points

PE6 Action: Infrastructure for Biking and Walking - 2 Points

PE6 Action: Alternative-fuel Infrastructure - 8 Points

PE7 Action: Watershed-based Flood Mitigation Plan - 5 Points

PE8 Action: Farmers’ Markets - 3 Points

PE8 Action: Community Choice Aggregation - 18 Points