Electric Vehicles

Join our EV Club!

Irvington is creating a club for electric and plug-in hybrd electric vehicle owners and prospective owners. We meet to share knowledge and stories over dinner or by our cars. 

We also seek volunteers to help with a new campaign launching this fall to increase EV and Plug-in Hybrid sales in the community. A successful campaign will result in grant money for future village environmental endeavors. Volunteers could help field questions about owning an EV, get the word out to various communities (housing developments, churches, clubs etc.), and coordinate events.

Please reach out to CBinns@irvingtonny.gov

NEWS: EV Fair September 30th

9-11am at the Hastings Farmers Market. See our Events here

It is also listed on the National Drive Electric Week page here.

Irvington Goes Electric

The Village of Irvington is a Clean Energy Community working towards decarbonization. A recent Climate Action Plan inventory of municipal properties showed that our fleet is the sector responsible for the most emissions.  In addition to working on improving our municipal fleet impact, we hope to enlist residents to acquire electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. If residents follow through and report back to us, we will earn grant funds to be put into additional environmental campaigns. 

What Makes Electric Vehicles (EVs) Different? 

EVs have a battery instead of a gas tank and an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) have a combination of gas and electric motors, i.e. they have both an electric motor fueled by a battery that you can charge with a plug, and an internal combustion engine fueled by gas. Most EVs come with a "Level 1" charger, which plugs into a standard wall outlet, and can be charged by "Level 2" chargers as well, which provide a faster charge at higher voltage. You can install a Level 2 charger at your home and they are also commercially available. There are five public charging stations in Irvington. 

Why Buy an EV?

An electric vehicle (EV), is up to five times more efficient than an internal combustion engine. EVs cost less to drive and maintain. In addition:


EVs produce no tailpipe emissions. While charging the battery may cause pollution at the power plant, total emissions associated with driving EVs are still typically less than those for gasoline cars—especially if the electricity is generated from renewable energy. PHEVs produce tailpipe emissions when gasoline is being used as a fuel source.

To estimate the GHG emissions associated with charging and driving an electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions for EVs and PHEVs Calculator.


You may be able to meet all your driving needs by plugging in while at home, depending on how far you drive each day. Most EVs can be charged with a standard 120 volt outlet. To charge the vehicle more quickly, you can install a dedicated 240-volt outlet or charging system, which typically cost under $400.  You may also be able to plug in at your workplace, or at one of the growing numbers of public charging stations. The PlugShare app provides a map of over 440,000 EV charging stations nationwide.

Learn more about:


There are currently over 200 EV and PHEV models on the market, and more models are expected to be released in the coming years. Visit fueleconomy.gov for a full list of options. Not all models are available in all 50 states. Visit a tailored list of EV dealerships and sales contacts in the vicinity of Irvington (courtesy of Hastings).

If you have purchased an EV after March, 2021, or are thinking of purchasing an EV, please let us know, so that we can chart and share our EV campaign progress with the Clean Energy Communities program. Write to cbinns@irvingtonny.gov.  And if you have questions or would like to share information with the Village on additional EV dealerships, EV charging infrastructure, or EVs in general, please email.

BONUS! Just for fun, watch this: a Hastings family's hilarious 2017 trip to Nova Scotia in a Chevy Bolt EV - in which they cover 2000 miles, camp in tents, eat donuts and learn how to navigate EV car charging.

Copy courtesy of Hastings On Hudson

Charging in Irvington

The Village provides EV Charging Stations, free of charge, for use by the general public. There are currently 8charging ports in 4 separate locations as follows:

Plans are being made to install additional charging ports in several locations throughout the Village, including Main Street and the Ardsley-on-Hudson Train Station.

Access to Charging Stations

All Village charging stations are managed by EV Connect. Drivers wishing to charge need to install the EV Connect Driver App (available for iPhone and Android).