Community Solar

What is Community Solar?

If you cannot install your own solar panels, community solar is the next best thing, enabling access to the benefits of solar without any of the hassle. You get an estimated 10% credit on your electricity bill over the course of the year. This is calculated by ConEdison against the total dollar amount of your bill each month and is adjusted through the year to balance the productivity of your designated panels with your consumption. There are no fees. Participation contributes renewable energy to the grid and reduces carbon emissions.  Signing up is quick and easy and no payment details are required. You can find state guidance on community solar here.

See National Renewable Energy Laboratory 2024 assessment: Technical Potential and Meaningful Benefits of Community Solar in the United States

The White Plains carport should be launching by mid-July. Credits will appear on utility bills 60 days after that. Learn More and SIGN UP HERE.

See the full contract here.

News Flash: There are currently subscriptions available for anybody in ConEd territory. 

Westchester residents are now able to subscribe to community solar in ConEd territory.  For years there have been only waitlists in Westchester because of the savings offered and lack of space for arrays. But G&S Solar is soon to launch a large carport array and is not yet subscribed. We have maybe the month of July to take advantage before the opportunity closes! 

Let us know if have any difficulty signing up. You should get a confirmation of completing enrollment. Reach out to with any questions.